Adepticon 2018

Back on the road again, this time back out to the mid west to visit the town of Schaumburg, IL for Adepticon.

We finally made it out to the massive war gaming convention – Adepticon! Through out the halls you could hear the screams and cheers of players playing their matches. Throughout the hallways and side rooms there were massive displays of well built and beautifully painted game layouts. The energy levels were very high with gamers from all around the world attending this event. Our booth was swarmed every day with excited attendees looking at the never ending labyrinth of dungeons sprawled across our table.



There were children that refused to leave the booth as their parents pulled them away, they just wanted to keep building. We were harassed numerous times by a man that will remain anonymous (for now) screaming “take my money,”. He even came back several times to our booth to show others, and to point out that “these people will not even take my money”! We felt very welcome at this show, and 2019 should be a blast.


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