Fine Stone Archway & Fire Trap Room Unlocked & LIVE STREAM

Hey everyone! Thanks for backing our Kickstarter. It’s been an awesome start to the campaign. We’ve unlocked quite a few stretch goals already. But there are many more things to discover lurking around the next corner.

Live Stream

We will be broadcasting a live Kickstarter stream tomorrow – that’s 4pm PST Thursday 6th September. You can post some of your questions and comments here and we’ll endeavor to reply.

Then from 6pm PST Thursday 6th September we will be at Black Diamond Games in Concord, California. We will have the full dungeon setup so you can look at it in person. Matt and Jamison will be there and available to chat and answer any questions you have.

150 Market Street, Suite E Concord, CA 94520 925-681-0600

The Rampage continues…

With dreaded anticipation you step through the fine stone arch into a dimly lit corridor. You reflect back on the dank and twisting caverns that you have journeyed through to reach this place. The strange skull corridor with eerie flickering lights chilled you and you narrowly escaped the spike traps. Going back seems just as dangerous as going forward. What kind of crazed tyrant resides at the end of these maddening catacombs?

Slowly opening the wooden door you enter into a large square room, roughly 30 feet wide with rounded corners.

As you go to step forward, a voice from you left calls out abruptly, “Wait!”

The barbarian doesn’t seem to hear and burls blindly into the room.


A cacophonous blast of immolating heat engulfs the party.  Two strange metal contraptions on the wall with spouts in the center of them are both spewing forth flames. Panicked as your skin starts searing, you catch the sight of a switch.

“Pull the SWITCH!”, you call out frantically.

The voice to your left, the rogue, dives for the switch.

As the smoke clears you are writhing in agony on the floor. You barely catch a glimpse of your cleric through the haze. She grimaces stoically and starts reciting an incantation.

A sense of calm pervades you as unblemished skin starts emerging from the 3rd degree burns you just received.

To be continued…

 The Fire Trap is unlocked!

The Fire trap room
The Fire trap room

The Fire Trap Room has have been added as an unlocked add-on. You can now add it to your pledge amount.

Fire Trap Room Unlocked
Fire Trap Room Unlocked

The next stretch goal is the free A- Stone floors.

A-Stone Floors
A-Stone Floors


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